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Castellana restaurant opens in Saluzzo

The steak chef Marco Sacco and the young Piedmontese businessman Matteo Morello, after the success of the Castellana Restaurant in Hong Kong, take home the winning formula of regional haute cuisine in the exclusive setting of the San Giovanni di Saluzzo Monastery.

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CASTELLANA RISTORANTE SAN GIOVANNI Via Tapparelli, 9 – 12037 Saluzzo (Cuneo)


After the success of the prestigious Castellana Restaurant in Hong Kong, the starred chef Marco Sacco and the entrepreneur Matteo Morello return to play at home with the winning formula of Piedmontese haute cuisine. Their new restaurant will be called CASTELLANA SAN GIOVANNI and will open on 24th January in Saluzzo (Cuneo) in a unique location that represents one of the most prestigious Italian historical heritages: the ancient monastery of San Giovanni.

It is an evocative environment dating back to the fifteenth century capable of evoking atmospheres full of history and beauty. A splendid barrel vault with exposed bricks located just below the splendid Church of San Giovanni, will welcome guests who will appreciate a refined cuisine imbued with passion, experience and innovation, with extreme care for the quality of the raw materials. Access to the restaurant during the day will allow those who wish to visit the enchanting Gothic cloister of the church, the conference and event room “Antico Refettorio dei Frati”, a culinary venue since 1400, or to take advantage of the existing Hotel de Charme San Giovanni Resort. 

“The Saluzzo area offers high quality food products, says Matteo Morello, and the goal of Castellana San Giovanni will be precisely to bring them to the table, enhancing them through the renowned cuisine of Chef Marco Sacco. It is a great emotion for me, after years of experience abroad to be able to return to investing in my country and in my territory with this new restaurant which I hope will become a reference point for haute cuisine from Piedmont and beyond “. 

“From Hong Kong where the best representation of Piedmontese haute cuisine has been appreciated by an international audience and always hungry for news, Castellana’s challenge arrives in Saluzzo, a city that has inspired and continues to inspire my cuisine and the entrepreneurial project of Matteo, says Marco Sacco. An important stage, which represents the beginning of a much wider path. In fact, we want to replicate the Castellana model in the big cities of the world “.

Few recipes, rich in content, story and culture. All in a contemporary key, but well immersed in the roots of that territory at the foot of Monviso.

The chef’s idea is precisely to enhance the immense culinary heritage that goes from the Monviso, Po and Varaita valleys to the Grana and Maira valleys, cradles of Castelmagno and Grana. In the plains, on the other hand, there are the best livestock farms with their excellent meats and hams made in Cuneo, together with the fruit growing in the area. Finally, the fish from the rivers of the Saluzzo valleys, which are part of the culinary tradition of the area, a distinctive feature of the chef. Barolo and truffle? Of course.

A wide choice, from the menu of the Marquisate, 4/7 courses that reinterpret some of the historical dishes of Saluzzo and surroundings, to the Piccolo Lago menu in Saluzzo, also with 4/7 courses, characterized not only by the repertoire of the historic Piccolo restaurant Lake with iconic dishes such as Bettelmatt Flan, Trout, Black Garlic or Carbonara au koque, but it will add the experience of Piano35, the highest restaurant in Italy, where the chef has developed for his guests a gustatory journey that reinterprets the best Piedmontese tradition from Vitello tonnato to Turin Ravioli. Taking a cue from the Turin format, a bistro menu with à la carte dishes will also be available for lunch at Castellana San Giovanni, also present in the evening proposal as an alternative to the itineraries.

To assist the chef in this second adventure, Enrico Degani, former Executive chef at the Castellana in Hong Kong, a young Piedmontese talent with a curriculum full of international experiences, who will direct the games in the kitchen with the aim of replicating the success of the Asian format.

Sommelier of Castellana will be Mirko Galasso, another young talent in the restaurant that boasts several important collaborations including the one with Chef Marco Sacco with whom he worked on Piano 35 in Turin.

The name Castellana takes its inspiration from the typical female mask of the Saluzzo Carnival, the country of origin of Matteo Morello, and intends to represent the strong link with this territory and with its popular traditions.

Gianfranco Devalle, an entrepreneur from Saluzzo, is also part of the team of the new project.

Reservations available from January 24th: 0175- 518038 (number active now to be able to book your table in advance)

Restaurant opening hours (lunch 12.30-2.30 pm, dinner 7.30-10.00 pm). Open every day except Monday.

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