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History will save us

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Fossano three evenings dedicated to cinema, literature and history.

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Tuesday 21st January, at 9 pm, screening of the film The truth denied, a BAFTA nomination.

Thursday 23rd January, at 9 pm, screening of the film Unfair Competition, film recognized as of national cultural interest, David Best Screenplay Award.

Both evenings will take place at the I Portici di Fossano cinema and will be introduced by Carlo Turco.

Single ticket: € 3 

Season ticket (2 events): € 5 

Ticket office : Cinema I Portici, tel. +39 0172 633381 

On Wednesday 29th January, at 9 pm at the Federico Sacco Hostel, there will be a meeting with Prof. Carlo Greppi, historian, author and conductor who collaborates with Rai Storia. Free admission.

On the same day there will also be a meeting with the students of the Liceo Ancina of Fossano, at 9 am in the school, and the preview presentation, at 6 pm at the Le Nuvole Library, of the new book by Prof. Greppi “La storia ci salverà”.

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