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A walking to discover the farmhouses and fish ponds in Ceresole

The monthly appointment with visits to muBATT is scheduled for Sunday 26th January: the new museum dedicated to the Battle of Ceresole d’Alba in 1544.

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The muBATT is open with FREE GUIDED TOURS every last Sunday of the month between 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00 with the guides of the Langa Tourism Association.

The tours of the visits will begin at 10, 11 am and from 12 to 4 pm  on an hourly basis.

On Sunday 26th January at 2.30 pm a walk to discover the Ceresole countryside with the enthusiast and expert of Roero Ettore Chiavassa is scheduled to enrich the proposals for visitors.

The walk will begin with a visit to muBATT and will continue with a journey to discover the countryside of Ceresole, the farmhouses and the fishponds. At the end of the walk, lasting about 2 hours, the participants can end the afternoon with hot tea and Pampavia biscuits.

The experience of the new Museum of the Battle of Ceresole d’Alba in 1544 can also be found online and is social.

Surf the net and discover the new Museum of the Battle of Ceresole d’Alba day by day to learn about the history, facts, events of the project and the territory of Ceresole d’Alba.

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