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Interview with Professor F. Lega about the new Verduno hospital

The video appointments, curated by the editorial staff of the IDEA magazine, with the¬† Nuovo Ospedale Alba-Bra Foundation, have officially begun. The Foundation committed with dedication and perseverance so that the hospital in Verduno named after “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” becomes more and more example of excellence in the Piedmontese regional healthcare panorama.

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The Foundation, a precious non-profit organization that supports a public hospital, works concretely to create a structure with a high standard of comfort capable of giving the patients under treatment the greatest possible well-being, as well as a service with a human face, modern and technologically advanced.

During this first meeting, Professor Federico Lega, Professor of Management was called to tell the “value” of the hospital for the Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero area and the positivity of a management supported by a private foundation and health policy at the University of Milan, as well as director of the Research Centre in Health Administration of the same University.

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