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“Pirates in hospital” at the Civic Theatre of Caraglio

On Sunday 26th January at 4pm,  the Civic Theatre of Caraglio will host “Ahi! Ouch! Pirates in lane! “, A family show that tells a story of illness, healing, trust and friendship, as part of the” Spaesamenti “season organized by Santibriganti in collaboration with the municipalities of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero.

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Teatro Civico di Caraglio Via Roma, 124 – Caraglio (CN) Informazioni, prenotazioni, vendita carnet Comune di Caraglio Biblioteca Civica: +39 0171 617714 Santibriganti Teatro +39.011.645740 (da lun a ven h. 12.30-16.30)


The show, which will feature Luca Busnengo and Erika La Ragione, under the direction of Maurizio Bàbuin, is the meeting between a little girl and a nurse inside a hospital room and tells, through a fun, exciting and poetic story , the relationship children have with the word pain and the fear that follows. “Too often,” explains Maurizio Babin, “there is a tendency to hide from children everything that risks putting them in relation to pain. Of course for understandable reasons that have to do with the protective parental nature. Maybe you don’t always help them in this way. “

At the end of the show, children of the audience will be offered a snack.

Tickets: € 6.00

Show starts at 4pm 

Freak out red hot ears – concerts

The Freak Out association from Fossano presents “Red hot ears”, a review of live concerts at Cascina Sacerdote from 25th January to 30th May 2020.


Saturday 25th January – Psychgroove Party Movion, Ananda Mida, T.Man.Faya

Saturday 29th February – Steel Night Special Guest, Ape Unit, Opium-Absinth

Saturday 28th March – Brigante Fest

5 bands, Distro labels and Saturday night party

Saturday 25th April – Freedom Party

Hardworkers, Putan Club, Justica Brothers selectors

Saturday 30th May – Indie Wave Night

Vanarin, Orbite, Andrea Tejada & Alessio Papanti

All shows will start at 6pm.

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