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Prato Nevoso presents the Kyè dinners

The dinners of Prato Nevoso are dressed in the ancient tradition of the troubadours and the Occitan valleys and create the “Kyé Dinners” in collaboration with the Artusìn cultural association. On Tuesday evening we climb to altitude up to 2000 meters in a unique location overlooking the Alpine mountains, from Monviso to Monte Rosa, surrounded by the warmth of wood and the welcome of a chalet where everything tastes of the mountains.

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And this is where traditional dinners begin. With the dancers dressed in traditional clothes: black hats and thick overcoats for men, long skirts embroidered in lace and laces for women. Every Tuesday they will animate the dinners created to remember the ancient valleys of the troubadours with songs and dances. Elsewhere they are called Provencal or Occitan. Here are the men and women of Kyè, an ancient way of indicating the inhabitants of the Val Maudagna.

 And to reach Rosso, you are spoiled for choice: sitting comfortably on the La Rossa cable car, the novelty of winter and the Alps, or with the unique experience of the VIP experience snowmobiles.

 The Artusìn Cultural Association was born in the year 2000 in the municipalities of Roccaforte Mondovì, with the aim of rediscovering and enhancing the Occitan origins in the Ellero Valley. The aim pursued by the association is the deep roots of the sense of belonging to a community linked to the great Occitan culture and the rediscovery of its characteristics, with a view to safeguarding and enhancing a common good.

 Below is the list of upcoming Kyè dinners scheduled: Tuesday 28th January, Tuesday 11th February, Tuesday 18th February, Tuesday 25th February, Tuesday 3rd March, Tuesday 10th March, Tuesday 17th March, Tuesday 31st March and Tuesday 7th April

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