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ELVA (1637m): Tuesday 28th January

Municipality of Elva / Valle Maira.

Description: Excursion with / without snowshoes. In case of little snow and with icy sections, gaiters and crampons are not required. Cultural excursion among the villages of Elva, Borgata Castes (1622m), Viani (1835m), Laurenti (1805m), Garneri (1820m) and Mulino dell’Alberg (1500). At the end of the excursion, guided tour of the frescoes by Hans Clemer in the Parish Church of Santa Maira Assunta. Meeting at 09 in Borgata Serre (1637m) of Elva. Journey time about 5h excluding stops, ring route. The return is scheduled for late afternoon. Difference in altitude + 320m from Mulino dell’Albergh (1500m). Difficulty

Hiking. Packed lunch. Cost per person 10 € includes accompaniment and reading of the territory.

The excursion will take place upon reaching a suitable number of participants. Reservations required by 6pm the day before.

Rifreddo prepares for the carnival: here are the names of the masks of the town.

Also for 2020 Rifreddo will have its masks. On this point, it must be said that this year in the village of the Po Valley they have done things big. In fact, there are 13 members of the team that will represent the Municipality in the carnivals present on the regional territory. A well-assorted team that combines interesting new entries with “historical” participants. The group will be led by Marco Brondino as “Luis” and Martina Paolino as “Bela lasardera”. For Marco this is a reconfirmation since he has already played this role in 2019 while Martina engages for the first time in the Rifreddese carnival. The group of page boys and bridesmaids is particularly numerous. In the first there will be: Nicoló Giordanino, Pierpaolo Mulatero, Alessandro Canavese, Fabio Cossale and Gabriele Cesano. The bridesmaids will instead be played by: Veronica Barbero, Marta Belviso, Elena Putetto, Gloria Gaziano and Giulia Perotto. On this particular occasion, the beloved ex Luis Danna Giacomino will also be added to this team. A “special guest” who will surely give the group, already in itself very valid, an additional charge of joy and fun.

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