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The exhibition “Chocolate, food of the gods”

The Ferrero Foundation hosts, from 1st to 4th February, the exhibition Il Cioccolato, food of the Gods. White, milk and dark, chocolate inspires A.I.A.P. Artists, organised by the Comité National Monegasque de l’Association International des Arts Plastiques auprès de l’Unesco à Monaco.

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The exhibition, under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Monaco, is designed and set up by designers Tullia and Paolo Canciani.

The Comité, placed under the Honorary Presidency of S.A.S. Prince Albert II was founded in 1955 by Etienne Clerissi, architect, painter and writer with the aim of promoting the visual arts, giving artists the opportunity to present their works publicly, facilitating exchanges with artists from other countries. Thanks to the support of the Monegasque government and the Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Monaco, the Comité has a large space where exhibitions and events are scheduled during the year. Precisely in the spaces of Monaco, in April 2019 the exhibition dedicated to Chocolate was set up for the first time and is now being proposed again at the Foundation.

The AIAP artists who participated in the project are: Olivia Blanchard, Christian Bonavia, Paolo Canciani, Michel Claret, Jean François Gaulthier, Viviane Marchioni, Daniel Menini, Moya, MaryLaure Pastorelli, Marie Pierre Scarton, Bolonie Shuhaibar, Wolf Thiele, Marie-Aimée Tirole, Silvia Venuti, Elisabeth Wessel.

The origins of chocolate are to be found in the equatorial jungle, among the Mayan population. It is here that the cacahuatl, the drink of the gods, begins to be obtained from the seeds of the cocoa tree. The history of chocolate then passes through the evolutions and changes that have accompanied its processing and consumption from the 1700s until today. The spread of chocolate in the Old Continent passes through Spain, first as an almost medicinal drink then, discovered sweetening, as a fashionable drink, allowed by the Popes even in fasting periods because it is invigorating, loved by Casanova for its portentous effects on love and mood. Over time, no one noble, rich, bourgeois or religious manages to escape the pleasure of a cup of chocolate, helping to make chocolate a passion among the most widespread and contagious. This is also demonstrated by the works created by the AIAP artists, original subjects, unique works, created with the most varied techniques to tell chocolate and its history.

 The exhibition, with free admission, will be inaugurated on Friday 31st January 2020, at 5 pm (confirmation is welcome at 0173 295259) and will be open every day, until February 4th, from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

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