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Concorso Letterario Nazionale di Go Wine

The Go Wine association promotes a new edition of the national literary competition “Bere il territorio”. This is the nineteenth edition of a cultural project that has always accompanied the life of the association since its establishment, characterised as a qualifying initiative for Go Wine and always very participatory.

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The call was launched with the new year 2020 and on the occasion of the winter period. The Competition presents different forms of participation. The general section is divided into two categories: one reserved for over 24 years old without distinction, one reserved to young people aged 16 to 24.

The theme of travel characterises this edition. The call in fact invites participants to ideally become travellers, indicating as a theme a path in an Italian wine territory, telling an experience, highlighting the relationship with the values ​​dear to the wine tourist: landscape, environment, culture, traditions and local events.

The theme of the competition has been linked for some years in a more direct way to the idea that has inspired the Go Wine association since its establishment: that is to look at a qualified figure of consumer who not only loves to know and taste wines, but feels the desire to become a traveller to discover the places where each wine is affirmed and where men and women of wine work.

Next to the two categories of the general section there is a special section reserved for students of Agricultural Institutes: in this section the call intends to enhance and reward research work addressed to the theme of native vines, also taking into account interesting contributions that come in each edition.

The competition confirms the usual objectives that are renewed in the current relevance of the theme: to contribute, through a cultural initiative, to growing the culture of the consumption of quality wines, aiming at an ever more aware consumer both in the choices and in the to attribute the right value and meaning to a bottle of wine.

The reference to the idea of ​​travel offers a special characterisation, taking into account the real and symbolic dimension that always distinguishes the traveller in the path of literature.

However, the underlying spirit that drives the cultural initiative remains unchanged. History, traditions, landscape and cultural events: there are several factors that distinguish wine from any drink and are exalted in traveling through a wine territory.

 We publish below the Call containing all the information for participation.

The texts must be received by March 10th, 2020 at the Go Wine national headquarters in Alba; the award ceremony is scheduled in Alba on Saturday 4th April 2020.

In addition to the prizes reserved for young writers, “Bere il territorio” confirms the recognition to “The Master” and the Special Prize in favour of a book, published during the year 2019, which has the theme of wine or which, in any case, reserves for wine special attention.

The prizes: 500 euros each for the two winners of the general section; 500 euros for the prize reserved for students at agricultural institutes; 500 euros for the special prize reserved book dedicated to wine.

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