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“Widespread cinema” in Mondovì

The itinerant exhibition “Il cinema diffuso”, organised by Aiace Torino as part of the promotion and cultural decentralization initiatives supported by the Piedmont Region, reaches this year the 27th edition, which, opening in January, will continue until May 2020.

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Born with the primary objective of promoting the circulation of quality films on the regional territory, both by reaching small businesses in which it is normally penalized, and by supporting the halls that make arthouse programming their specificity, the event proved to be , over time, among the longest and most rooted Piedmontese initiatives for the diffusion of cinematographic culture.

According to the consolidated formula, the 24 cinemas participating in the initiative this year, located in as many Piedmontese Municipalities, have each customized their own programming by choosing a path (on average consisting of 4 films) from a range of 14 titles, all recently national production.

The new edition of the show, in fact, has the peculiarity of being entirely dedicated to Italian cinema.

From Monday 27th January he stops in Mondovì according to the following schedule of screenings:

Mondovì Cinema Baretti, 9pm

03/02/20 L’ospite

10/02/20 Troppa grazia

24/02/20 Dafne

ADMISSION: according to the usual rates

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