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Suitcase Stories – Travel and migration stories

On Monday 3rd February at 9.00 pm the tour of screenings will start from SALUZZO which will involve 8 cities of Granda during which the documentary SUITCASE STORIES will be presented – travel and migration stories made by Stefano Scarafia and Francesco Rasero and produced by the Cuneo Association MiCò.

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Follow the reportage Storie Interrotte by Andrea de Georgio, Annalisa Camilli and Michele Cattani, promoted by the Rainbow 4 Africa – ONLUS, ENGIM Piemonte and Cooperativa Orso associations.

The appointment of 3 February is included in RIGHTS / REVERSES of the Cineteca del Cinema Teatro Magda Olivero (Via Palazzo di Città, 15) dedicated to the stories of immigration and integration.

Made in 2019, SUITCASE STORIES has as its theater the Cuneo Levaldigi International Airport, the Railway Station and the Movicentro of Cuneo places of arrivals and departures where each face tells a story that is unique and unrepeatable. In line with the objectives of the MiCò Association, the documentary shows the migration from different perspectives compared to the rhetorical and dominant narrative. Through the intimate and friendly story with the protagonists, Suitcase Stories shows the complexity of the migratory phenomenon, but at the same time – through what they keep in their luggage – it provides the viewer with a reading key that makes everything linear and easy to understand.

In the following weeks the documentary will touch several countries of the Piedmont Film Presidia circuit participating in Movie Tellers – cinematographic narrations: Thursday 13rd February at CUNEO at the Cinema Lanteri; Wednesday 19th February in BARGE, at the Municipal Cinema; Tuesday 25th February in SAVIGLIANO at the Aurora Cinema; Thursday 27th February in DRONERO at the Iris Cinema; Tuesday 10th March, BRA, Cinema Vittoria; Thursday 12th March in BUSCA at the Cinema Lux and Tuesday 17 March in CEVA at the Cinema Sala Borsi.

Suitcase Stories – Travel and migration stories was born from an idea of ​​the MiCò Association and Francesco Rasero, journalist, directed by Stefano Scarafia and was created in team with the psychotherapists Elena Elia and Elisa Dalmasso and the anthropologists Giulia Marro and Claudio Naviglia. 

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