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Concentrica – shows in orbit in Caraglio

Friday 31st January at 9 pm, on stage at the Civic Theatre of Caraglio, Amleto Take Away of the Berardi Casolari Company, a show that earned Gianfranco Berardi, a blind Apulian actor, the Ubu 2018 Award for best actor.

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In the reinterpretation of the company, the famous Shakespearean text becomes a tragicomic fresco that plays on the paradoxes, oxymoron and contradictions of our time.

Hamlet, a symbol of doubt and insecurity, an icon of unease and inadequacy, is the ideal character to whom to entrust the investigation of a world in which “everything is reversed, turned upside down, where ethics is a bank, the missions are of peace and war is preventive ยป.

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