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92nd Carnival City Saluzzo 2020

The new year brings with it a Carnival that, after the great success of 2019, wants to repeat and exceed the edition that has given so much lustre to the City of Saluzzo. The Carnival of the 2 Provinces, which sees the cities of Rivoli and Saluzzo united, has given the capital of the Marquisate so much curiosity and large papier-mâché floats. The second edition is coming!

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The party began on January 26th with an unscheduled event. The masks of the Saluzzo area will be guests of the start at the Rivoli Carnival with the official release of the Conte Verde.

 The 68th Castellana will be officially presented on Sunday 9 February from the balcony of the Municipality of the City of Saluzzo. A walk through the streets of Saluzzo to Piazza Vineis where music will prolong the party: a carnival concert to kick off the Saluzzo Carnival with joy. Appointment at 2.30 pm.

Sunday 16th February the great parade of the wagons and the great challenge of the wagons. The guests? The Oratorio di Verzuolo and the Odb Oratorio di Saluzzo, then the large papier-mâché floats: Piobesi Torinese ITALIANS ON HOLIDAY, Carmagnola MASTERWEST, Nichelino THE TALE OF TOYS, Racconigi, Santena THE HOUSE OF THE ELVES, Roletto I 7 VIZI and Luserna San Giovanni RED POPPIES.

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