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Robiola d’Alba, sweet taste of fresh milk

In seasoned forms appear more intense aromas due to the development of molds on the crust and the taste becomes more fragrant.

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Minimum seasoning for the fresher versions, even if in the tradition of Langhe there was also a longer maturation time in hermetically sealed albanelle to give this cheese more persistent aromas.


Identikit and main features

The Robiola d’Alba is a soft texture cow’s milk cheese. It is white and it has no rind. It weighs about 300g with a diameter of 9-13 cm. The seasoning requires 4-5 days, even if in the past it was seasoned for a longer time in little high-tight glass containers. The taste is sweet, slightly acidic and not too salty in the fresh forms, the more seasoned ones are more fragrant thanks to the development of molds on the rind, which is edible. The Robiola d’Alba is a white and slightly grainy cheese, which is the result of the cheese making process. The fresh forms have no rind, it appears on those seasoned for two weeks or more and it is yellow.

Area of production

It is traditionally produced in the area among the provinces of Asti, Cuneo, Alessandria and Savona, but the main centre is Alba and the neighbouring districts.


The Robiole have been always produced in the whole piedmontese territory, in particular in the Langhe from which is the main production centre. Many historical documents mention this cheese. In the annals of the Einaudi Foundation, the robiole are mentioned about the breakfast on the wheat beating day.

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