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TRIEB_L’INDAGINE at the Toselli Theatre in Cuneo

A show that reflects on the concept of uniqueness and complexity of the person, moving between the theatre and the dance.

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On Friday 7th February at 9 pm “Through a performative state made of emotional waves, transformations and decays, the aim of the show is to be an exhibition of the shadow, an exaltation of ugliness, the freedom of the imperfect, a hymn the uniqueness, the complex identity, the madness that lives in us, the inner monster that scares us. Integration in its authentic form is the point of interest. To integrate not to hide, to see not to judge and to imagine. I would like the audience to witness and perceive the character’s cracks and tangles, managing to love him. He wondered: are we free to be what we are, just as we are? That he perceived how obsessed we are with adhering to something perfect, when instead we are imperfect beings and that in the end we are all a little monsters, bewitching witches, violent tyrants, cowards to life. “
Chiara Ameglio


costs and methods of purchase (also online) on the page:

They are also on sale on the day of the show starting at 4pm, at the theatre box office (via Teatro Toselli 9) (single tickets for any show of the season will be on sale).

At the box office of the theatre you can also buy tickets with 18app and Teacher Card.

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