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Workshop for families in Saluzzo museums

The CoopCulture Educational Services in Saluzzo offer the first family workshop of 2020, Sunday 9th February, at Casa Cavassa with an activity dedicated to the Renaissance banquet.

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The initiative, already tested with great success in 2018, actively involves students of some classes of the CNOS-FAP Professional School that  participated in the knowledge visits of the museums and who will assist the educational operators in carrying out the laboratory.

An animated visit is planned to highlight the Renaissance customs and customs, with moments of dramatization in which the children will transform, for a day, into the characters who lived in the Cavassa residence.

The young participants, together with the families, will also be involved in some workshops, in line with the study paths of the CNOS-FAP students: a white art laboratory, a hairstyle workshop for children and a small manicure.

The initiative, “The Renaissance Banquet”, is aimed at children aged 4 to 11, accompanied by parents or family members.

The appointment is at Casa Cavassa, via San Giovanni, 5, Saluzzo at 4pm.

Admission 5 euros per child with an accompanying adult.

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