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The new season at WIMU

After the short winter break, the WiMu rooms in Barolo reopen, with the “Fondo Cesare and Maria Baroni Urbani International Collection” exhibited in the WiLa spaces.

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From Saturday 8 February, as tested positively in recent years, the Wine Museum designed by François Confino will open for visits every weekend in winter, Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm (last admission at 5 pm ). Then, from Saturday 14th March, the WiMu will return to being open every day, until the beginning of 2021, from 10.30 am to 7 pm (last admission at 6pm).

The past year has marked WiMu – which has welcomed over 57,000 visitors – a season full of activities and events and there are many plans for 2020. Among the confirmations, space right away in the first weekend of opening at WiMu Families, the format of guided or do-it-yourself visits for adults and children which, starting from Sunday 9th February, will be offered all year round every second Sunday of the month.

Once at the ticket office, families can choose between a family visit and a family game. The first involves a guided tour with staff who will talk about the Museum, the Falletti castle and its arrangements in a language aimed especially at children. The visit has a very dynamic cut, with different contents that change with the passing of the seasons. On this still winter Sunday, the period in which the vineyards and plants rest and the must kept in the barrels in the cellar is maturing, the tour will start from the terrace on the third floor, to admire the landscape of vineyards and “bare” rows. Along the way we will play to recognize the olfactory scents that the wine that is now being processed will have: from flowers such as pink and violet for Barolo, to spices such as pepper and liquorice for the other fine reds of the area. At the end of the visit, each family will bring home a “piece of museum”, a sort of reminder of a special place. The duration of the tour is approximately one hour.

The Game-Family is a more “do-it-yourself” visit mode, which can be used throughout the museum’s opening hours (from 10.30 am to 6pm, last admission at 5pm). Those who venture into the Falletti castle can purchase a travel diary at the ticket office, to be filled in with the ideas and impressions aroused by the modern set-up conceived by the Swiss architect Confino: the landscape, wine, nature, man’s work and many other anecdotes.


For WiMu-Visit, reservations are recommended at 0173/386697.

Every second Sunday of the month the ticket for families is special: for adults 7 euros (compared to 9 for the entrance). For children up to 5 years free, 1 euro from 6 to 14 years for the first child, 3 euro from the second child onwards.

In addition, for the activities:

Visit-Family at 3 pm: 6 euros per family group

Game-Family: 3 euros per family group

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