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Mirafiore Foundation appointments

Friday 7th February, at 7pm, the theatre will host an intervention by Lamberto Frescobaldi: for six years he has been president of the homonymous company which includes 1,350 hectares of vineyards in Tuscany plus 41 in Friuli, a dozen farms and as many wineries, three restaurants, plus 550 employees and eleven million bottles of famous wines such as Massetto, Luce, Ornellaia, Mormoreto and Benefizio sold all over the world.

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Fondazione E. di Mirafiore
Via Alba 15 – Serralunga d’Alba (CN)
tel. 0173 626424


The name is important, his is one of the most prestigious and oldest families in Tuscany and more generally in Italian history, there have been traces of it since the year 1000. A family of merchants, bankers and then winemakers, but also of artists and intellectuals, such as an ancient Lamberto, a stilnovist poet, friend and contemporary of Dante or the musician Girolamo Frescobaldi, one of the greatest composers for harpsichord of the seventeenth century, up to the journalist Dino, the eldest of Vittorio’s six brothers, in strength for many years at Corriere della Sera. He, Lamberto, although he had studied viticulture in America he wanted to be a carabiniere, he did not want to follow an already predetermined path, chosen by circumstances and fortune, he wanted to do it his own way. It was his wife Eleonora who convinced him.

At 4 pm on Sunday 9th February, the Theater will return to host a family show: The new irresistible and original show by the Clown Murzik. Entirely set in the kitchen of an as unlikely as exhilarating Chef, the show, developed on a musical basis, is structured on a continuous succession of high level and difficulty juggling and balancing elements. The peculiarity of the show consists in the fact that all traditional objects used in juggling and balance are replaced by real kitchen “tools”. The scenography, the original scenic effects and the skill of the artist transform “Le cirque du chef” into a unique show of its kind, aimed at an audience of any age.

The Foundation meetings are free and to participate you must book through the website

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