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Prato Nevoso bets on its sunsets

From Saturday 8th February the setting of the sun becomes a ritual. And Prato Nevoso bets on its sunsets. Because from the most beautiful mountains in the Cuneo area it is worth admiring the magical sunsets that winter nature can offer.

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This is why the greeting to the sun was born, which from Saturday evening will become one of the many events in Prato Nevoso. The ingredients for an unforgettable evening are all there.

A trip of a few minutes on the Porsche cable car, the Red Panoramic, is enough to get to the natural plateau of 2000 meters from which to admire the sun dying behind the top of the Alps of the sea. And to celebrate the moment you can combine the suggestion of the sunset with ski and a toast at high altitude.

All accompanied by musical notes suitable for romantics immersed in a unique panorama.

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