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“Words and Images” competition in Mellana di Boves

The 29th edition of the “Words and Images” competition is being prepared in Mellana di Boves, with an exhibition of the works presented, in the local club, on Saturday 21st March 2020 and Sunday 22nd, from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 19, opening extraordinary scheduled, also, for the following Sunday 29th, from 15 to 19.

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The award ceremony is set for 9 pm on Saturday 21st March 2020, at the exhibition (open from 8 pm to midnight), with reading of passages.

The prizes to the winners and participants, consisting of books, local products, can be collected by the authors themselves, by their delegates or, on request, sent to their home (local and national publications with the awarded works will also be sent free of charge).

The deadlines are set for the writings on Monday 10th February, for photographs and combinations of words and images on Monday 2nd March.

Participation involves sending, always optional but welcome, given the constant limitation of available funds, of € 10 for each participant, as reimbursement of expenses.

A maximum of three works may be sent per section, or sub-section (of writings and images), to be addressed to Adriano Toselli (Via Bisalta 188, 12100 Spinetta di Cuneo). The winners will be notified.


The sections will be the following:

A) Young poetry and prose: for authors under the age of twenty (born from 2000, “millennials”, indicate the date of birth). Free theme, in any language or dialect.

B) Free theme poems 1) in Italian

                               2) in a foreign language

                               3) in dialects or “natural languages” (always with opposite text in Italian)

C) Free themed short prose (a maximum of five folders).

                                               1) in Italian

                                               2) in a foreign language

                                               3) in dialects or “natural languages” (always with the opposite text in Italian).

D) Matching “Words and Images”: short poems or prose, accompanied by photographs, or by graphic or pictorial works, united in any relationship.

E) Satire and goliardia (prose and poetry, also in combination with photographs and graphic works).

The writings must be in four copies, one of which signed and three anonymous. They will not be returned.


1) “My cat, my favourite animal”

2) “Cars, what a passion!”

3) “The black colour”

4) “Planet Earth: a sick person to be treated”

5) “The sculptures of the clouds”

For each photographic section, a maximum of four shots must be presented, prints between 20 x 30 and 30 x 40, in color or black and white (unless otherwise indicated). The submitted and winning works will be chosen only from among those admitted by the jury to the exhibition. If possible, we also ask you to send CDs with the files of the participating works.

The graphic or pictorial works, the photographs and the combinations (for which group work is allowed) must have the data of the author (or authors), the title, the section to which they belong, the sequence number, indicated on the back . Photos smaller than 30 × 40 must be mounted on a passe-partout of neutral cardboard (white or black), no other type of “frame” will be allowed. The maximum overall size allowed, even with “passe-partout”, must not, however, exceed 30 × 40 centimetres, photographs less than 20 × 30 centimetres will not be admitted, even if correctly mounted (NB the 20 × 30 must , however have, to be admitted, “passe-partout”).

The photographic and artistic works can be picked up (by arranging an appointment in Cuneo and the surrounding area, telephone 340.3761714) or, on request, sent to the home. Works that have already taken part in other editions of the competition will not be accepted. The jury’s judgment is unquestionable. Participation in the Competition will not presuppose any compensation for copyright and will imply compliance with the rules that regulate it.

The winning works will eventually be published. Membership is valid as consent to the processing of sensitive data.

For further information, write to Adriano Toselli, Via Bisalta 188 12100 Spinetta di Cuneo, call 0171.386951 or 340.3761714, in the evening (e-mail, not to be used for sending texts).

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