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“Ask the wind “: at Monviso Cinema

Wednesday 12th February at 9 pm the Monviso Cinema hosts “Ask the wind for it. Through the heart of Mongolia by bicycle ”.

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 The evening, promoted by the Bicycle Office of the Municipality of Cuneo and curated by Itur, will be a multimedia projection with reading and dialogue with the author and is part of a larger multimedia project by the photographer, Fulvio Silvestri, who tells with photographs, music and dialogues stories of applied ecology with the slow bicycle journey at the centre, hence the name “Ask the wind”.

For over 15 years, Fulvio Silvestri has spent most of his free time riding his bicycle, loading it with the necessary material to move around without support and be completely self-sufficient. Bicycle not intended as a super-light performing vehicle for a time trial sport but, on the contrary, an exploratory tool of landscapes, people and places that the author then translates into photographic narration, with a look at the relationship between man and territory.

In his evenings, Fulvio Silvestri is accompanied by his bookseller friend Carlo Borgogno (Milton Library, Alba) who, in addition to dialoguing with the author on the projects presented, has given further added value to “Ask him to the wind” by proposing the reading of some passages of modern and contemporary fiction related to travel, to the theme of sustainable mobility and to the satisfying sense of slowness, which, according to Fulvio, “will save the world”. To accompany him in his evenings, then, the music of his brother Fabio Silvestri.

The evening, organized as part of the “Suburbs in the center” project. Urban redevelopment and suburban security “, is free admission while places last. During the evening Fulvio Silvestri will give three autographed prints, which will be randomly drawn among the public.

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