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Riccardo Balestra exhibition at the Ippogrifo bookshop in Cuneo

“Glamor, the charm of beauty” will be open until April 30th, 2020 at the Hippogriff Library in Nizza 1 – Cuneo.

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Enhancing the inner beauty whose light also radiates to the external body makes it superfluous to paint a nudity in itself imaginable.

The external beauty does not depend on you but on who gave your life, the internal beauty is born from the moral and intellectual growth, from the awareness of the good and joy that you can bring to others with your way of doing. An infectious charm that warms hearts and that combined with elegance and sensuality inevitably leads to seduction.

It is this fascinating and “glamorous” world that moves the whole world of fashion and beyond, that sets the trend and that transforms appearances into a spell to attract the attention of the media and all the proponents and lovers of appearing. who feel so freed from such notoriety.

“At the end of 2014 I started this necklace which I still carry on whose figures I have given a wider cut, adding to the expressiveness of the face, the charm of the body that will never predominate. In a “glamor” painting, like a photograph, the model’s face (because this is what it is) must still be the centre of attention, must be able to tell and justify what the body does, must convey suggestion and make a beauty dream at your fingertips, reachable by the beholder, this is why it cannot be absent “. Riccardo Balestra.

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