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Didactic activity of the Eco museum Terra del Castelmagno

The didactic activity of the Terra del Castelmagno Ecomuseum continues with great participation in the 2019/20 school year with the nursery school of Valgrana and with the primary school of Vignolo through two courses of four meetings each at the rhythm of the seasons in the woods of the Servanot in Monterosso Grana in collaboration with the Growth Rings association.

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In spring two days are scheduled in which all the students of the Falicetto primary school will be involved for the activity Castelmagno cheese at the timeless country of the Babaciu in San Pietro di Monterosso and the secondary classes of a primary school in Savona for a day entitled The faces of the tree at the Servanot path in Monterosso Grana.

The Eco museum was involved in teaching since its establishment, in particular by offering activities to local schools. Starting from the awareness of the centrality of the concept of landscape in the relationship between the Eco museum and school, the Eco museum has operated and operates on the territory through cultural memory along four lines of work: building community paths in a system of relationships and knowledge, recovering and functionalize the knowledge and experiences of the community, build integrated projects for civil liability on the landscape, encourage good practices for the creation of community maps shared between school and eco-museum.

The aim is to generate learning and citizenship processes through local projects, identifying spaces and times, integrating children’s interventions at school within the eco-museum sites and vice versa. In this sense, experiences at the ecomuseum, and alternately at school, become real authentic tasks for pupils that test the level of competence achieved in the various disciplinary fields concerned.

For details about all the educational proposals,visit the Ecomuseo Terra del Castelmagno website (; for information 339.4286890;

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