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A romantic carnival with “Love at the time of the Marquises”

To celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cultural initiative open to all, CoopCulture offers a guided tour dedicated to courtly love and the main love stories of the time of the Marquis.

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The visit itinerary will lead to the historic centre, to the Museum of Chivalry Civilization in Castile and to Casa Cavassa, which are open extraordinarily for the participants in the initiative. The guide will highlight the ties, the love affairs and the anecdotes of the life of some protagonists of the history of the Marquisate. The tour will end in the charming San Giovanni Resort, where hot drinks and sweet pastries will be served.

In addition, each pair of participants will receive a romantic souvenir as a gift.

The guided tour will take place on Sunday 16th February with departure at 5 pm after the Carnival parade, to allow everyone to add this initiative to the festive day. Meeting and departure from the Castile ticket office, by reservation.

The cost of the initiative is 7 euros per person, 2 euros for girls and boys with less than 12 years accompanied.

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