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Next events at the Mirafiore Foundation

The next appointment at the E. di Mirafiore Foundation is with STEFANO MANCUSO, founder of plant neurobiology, who will hold a meeting entitled “The green planet” on Saturday 15th February at 6.30 pm.

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Which is the most evolved living community? Stefano Mancuso has no doubts: he is the nation of plants. Inserted in 2013 by the New Yorker in the ranking of “world changers”, the people who will change the world, wrote the Constitution of the plant world (in 2005), making it somehow a spokesman. “The nation of plants has been self-governing for millions of years and is much more refined than ours, so recent and crude.” Mancuso has not only shown that plants are intelligent, but in his latest book he goes even further and says that the future belongs not to animals, but to plants. “If we could weigh life on earth – he tells us – we would realize that all animal beings (from man to insects to fish) represent 0.3%, an absolute trifle, while plants represent 85%. Life on earth is not ours, it is above all that of plants, but we do not see these plants, because we are used to seeing only what is similar to us “.

NB: Saturday 15th February, at the end of the lesson of prof. Mancuso, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE to have dinner at the Osteria Disguido, which will welcome you at the next meeting, on February 21st.

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