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Cuneo: “There are no errors” exhibition at the Civic Library

The Civic Library of Cuneo is pleased to host the exhibition project “There are no mistakes” with the recent pictorial works of the artist Domenico Olivero.

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The exhibition moves in the footsteps of Charles Bukowski’s poetics, the centenary of his birth this year. The artist and writer are joined by an innovative approach in changing the register of tradition, no longer an emphatic and aesthetic vision but a vital and authentic perception, with all the consequences and complexities.

The American author was the author of a sincere and unrestrained writing, free from “good manners”, so is the series of pictorial works created by the artist that are presented on this occasion.

These are six works that for several years, some even a dozen, the artist has slowly stratified, without a precise scheme and structure, works in the form of loyal emotional intensity, born from visceral states that overlapped, accumulated over time; expression of past times, which change and consolidate forming a temporary present.

A reading with a selection of poems by Charles Bukowski will take place on Saturday 14th March at 10.30.

The Civic Library of Cuneo is located in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Audiffredi, in the historic centre of the capital of the Granda. It is the oldest civic library in Piedmont.

Municipal library of Cuneo (via Cacciatori delle Alpi 9), first floor hall

Open from Tuesday to Friday from 9-12 / 15-18 to Saturday 9-12

Opening Thursday 5th March at 5pm

From 5th to 14th March 2020

Free admission

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