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Bra and Raschera protagonists of two great artistic marathons

Bra and Raschera, the two dairy pearls of the province of Cuneo, are the protagonists again in the second edition of the artistic marathon promoted by the two PDO protection consortia, in conjunction with the traditional Spring Fair of Scarnafigi. “Bra and Raschera”.

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Cheese and local art forms “: this is the theme of the two marathons, with free participation, which will end at midnight on Sunday 15th March. The initiative is aimed at writers, photographers, poets, painters but also at students and ordinary citizens. Photographic images, stories, poems, works of painting and drawings are allowed. Photographs, stories and poems must be sent to the email address while the paintings and drawings must be received by the Municipality of Scarnafigi by 5 pm on Monday 16th March (Monday 8-17; from Tuesday to Friday 8- 14).

The winners will be informed directly by the organization from Monday 23rd March.

The award ceremony for the first place winners will take place on Sunday 29th March during the Spring Fair of Scarnafigi. A second artistic marathon is dedicated in particular to elementary and middle school pupils with identical participation methods. Sending e-mail and delivery of the works in the Municipality must be done by the parents.

The complete regulations of the initiative, to which reference is made, are published on the website

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