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The Terra del Castelmagno Eco-museum is looking for a Land artist

The protagonist of the artist residence, scheduled in San Pietro Monterosso from 2nd to 9th May, will be identified among the artists operating in the field of contemporary art and land art with proven experience in the realization of site-specific interventions who will send their candidacy to the call launched last January 7th by Tuesday 10th March.

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The project funded by the CRC Foundation as part of the Artist Residences call for proposals is the Terra del Castelmagno Eco-museum and the La Cevitou association in collaboration with the noau association | cultural workshop, the Chambra d’Òc association and the Liretta di Montemale association; project partners are the Municipality of Monterosso Grana, the Contardo Ferrini cultural association, the Filatoio Rosso di Caraglio Foundation, the Department of Architecture and Design of the Turin Polytechnic, Viano marmi s.n.c. and the Unione Montana Valle Grana.

The winning / winning artist, which will be announced by March 31st, will work together with two other artists (a sound-artist and an actor) and the artistic curator Valentina Musmeci, spending in the environment of the quarries and other significant places in the valley. the various stages of artistic research and production, coming into contact with the local community in research, discovery and dialogue activities.

During the residency period and by 19th June, the winning / winning land artist will have to produce a site-specific work using mainly local stone (with the possibility of also using other materials) which will dialogue with a narrative research and emotional produced by the other artists in residence. Everything that will be realized during this period will be part of an artistic journey of territorial enhancement, an opportunity to meet memory, landscape and contemporary art. What has been achieved during the residency and in the following weeks will be presented during an inauguration event and a public artistic performance scheduled for Saturday 20th June 2020. The work produced by the winner of the call will become part of the Eco museum Terra del Castelmagno and its destination will be agreed. with the project curators.

The call is available online on the website; for information and clarifications, it is possible to write to the address

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