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Quattro Nebbioli, guided tasting in Alba

Tasting in the company of the winemaker and sommelier Simone Pettinati on Monday 17th February at 20:30 in Alba.

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From the lands of Nebbiolo we compare the nuances of this unique, mystical grape, the son of the mountains. The tasting will include 4 Nebbiolo wines from 4 different Italian wine areas:

Valtellina, Donnas, Langhe and Ghemme.

Simone Pettinati is a winemaker and sommelier, graduated in Oenology and Viticulture from the University of Turin, technical taster Onav and Wset. In the last ten years he has gained valuable experiences in the wine sector, working both in some well-known wineries in the Langhe and Maremma and abroad. In the context of sommeliers he worked as a sommelier and wine specialist, with managerial roles, in small companies of excellence in the Langhe, as well as in Sydney, Hobart and Edinburgh. Since the time of the University he has been passionate about wine and the land, spending his free time traveling and visiting rural realities, linked to food and wine tourism. He currently works mainly in Italy and the UK as a consultant, wine specialist and sommelier.

Cost: € 20 (4 tastings)

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