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A double appointment in Limone for the Carnival events

Great celebrations for Carnival in Limone Piemonte, with a double appointment not to be missed to celebrate the most colorful anniversary of the year.

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Info: Ufficio Turistico di Limone (tel. 0171/925281).


Saturday 22nd February Piazza del Municipio will host the Carnival of the little ones: an afternoon of games and entertainment suitable for children with the engaging Ginger team led by the histrionic Andrea Caponnetto.

From 2.30 to 6.00 pm between confetti and streamers, children will have numerous free activities available: face painting, animated readings, team musical games and the creative workshop “Build your mask”. The mask parade will not be missing, with the awarding of the most original disguises and many gadgets that will be given to the participants. Free distribution of cotton candy for everyone.

The Carnival of the little ones is the third seasonal event of the Limone for family project, now in its sixth edition and promoted by the Proloco in collaboration with the Limone Ski School, with the patronage of the Municipality of Limone and with the support of numerous private sponsors, with the aim to make Limone Piemonte an increasingly welcoming country for families.

In case of bad weather the event will take place in the hall of the Primary School Amphitheatre.

Tuesday, February 25th, however, will mark the great return of the historic Carnival of Limone, with traditional masks that will parade in the historic center with the children, distributing candies and chocolates to the public.

The procession will start with music at 5pm from Piazza San Sebastiano, led by the “Curel”, the party leader dressed elegantly and armed with a saber, the character who historically represented the dancer of the valley, the only one who did not wear masks.

Together with the Curel there will be the Harlequin, with its colorful costume and black mask, lu Terch and Terca, the two Turks dressed in sumptuous oriental dresses, Zardinier and Zardiniera, the two gardeners, lu Medi, the doctor, lu Lisard , the executioner in charge of killing the carnival, Barba Vecc and Magna Vegia, the old and the old, and the inevitable Zandumeni Carluvor. The demonstration will culminate in the reading out loud by the Notary of the funny testament of Zandumeni sentenced to death and with the execution of the puppet by Lisard.

In case of bad weather the event will be held on Sunday 1st March.

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