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Saluzzo is ready for the second Sunday of Carnival

On the second Sunday of the parade of the floats of the Carnival of Saluzzo, CoopCulture offers the thematic guided tour “Leisures, amusements and great events in the Saluzzo of the past”, to tell about the amusements and free time in the past.

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Info: Ufficio Turistico IAT, piazza Risorgimento, 1 12037 Saluzzo, 800392789,


The initiative involves the extraordinary opening of the Museum of Chivalry Civilization. In addition, part of the visit will take place in the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Saluzzo to find out how the celebrations were lived through the letters, photographs, plans of wagons and processions, the posters and items kept here.

The visit will take place in the morning in order not to overlap but rather integrate the Carnival initiatives.

The meeting and departure will take place from the Castile ticket office on Sunday 23rd February at 11 am.

The cost of the initiative is 5 euros per person, free for girls and boys with less than 12 years accompanied.

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