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“Fat dinner” in Belvedere Langhe to taste the “frisse” and other succulent winter dishes

The appointment organized by the “Langhe Dogliani Carrù” Slow Food Convivium is scheduled for February 20th, “Fat Thursday”.

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20.02.20. It would have been a shame not to fix a convivial appointment on a numerically so harmonious day starting at … 20:20. Not just any dinner, of course, but a real celebration of the succulent winter dishes of our culinary tradition. Moreover, the date is more suitable than ever for such initiatives. Indeed, February 20th, 2020 is “Fat Thursday” and marks the end of the carnival period. The word “carnival” is believed to derive from the Latin “carnem levare” (“eliminate the meat”) to indicate how before the period of abstinence and fasting of Lent it is lawful to enjoy a banquet in the name of taste, before spring arrives with the its tender and milder herbs.

The slow food “Langhe Dogliani Carrù” takes the traditions, even the carnival ones, very seriously, and so has decided to organize the “fat dinner” for the evening of “Fat Thursday”. Even the place could not be left to chance: it was decided, in fact, that to bring back the flavours of the past should be a restaurant that made the history of Langhe cuisine. The choice fell on Belvedere Langhe’s “Trattoria del peso”, by Mauro and Ezio Schellino. The menu, accompanied by a selection of wines from the producers of the Dogliani Wine Shop, leaves no doubt about the intentions of the organizers: for one evening the high-quality “fat” will triumph on the table. It will start with salami cooked still hot on potato cream, to continue with bagna cauda with raw and cooked vegetables, then seasoned broth and then leave room for a real “gem”: the “frisse”. It is a typical carnival dish of the poor cuisine of the past, with a unique flavour that today is very difficult to find in restaurant menus; a sausage prepared by grinding different parts of the pig, wrapped in the pig’s net. Next to the “frisse” there will be three “sautisse” (two pork sausages and one of veal) and sancrau (savoy cabbage cooked with vinegar and other flavors). To close: Martin sec pears, busie (the “lies”, another typical carnival delicacy) and the “sambajun al marsala”.

The cost of the banquet is 35 euros, 32 euros for “Slow Food” members. Reservations required by calling the numbers: 339-6651424 (Lorenzo) and 0173-743009 (Trattoria del peso).

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