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Dr. Grassi talks about the Verduno hospital

Dr. Iris Grassi, director of the “Dipsa”, Directorate of Health Professions Asl Cn2, which deals in particular with the management, organization and development of health professions in order to guarantee citizens, quality, appropriateness and fairness of care in their care path, describes the advantages and comforts of electric beds with which the hospital will be fully equipped, the first structure in Italy.

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In addition, Dr. Grassi illustrated this new technology by emphasizing the ductile characteristics of this bed, capable of promoting all the needs of the patient, improving the quality of life and offering management advantages to nursing staff or family members. During the video interview, the images show this efficient electromedical equipment capable of reaching, with the aid of special anti-slip characteristics, even very high inclinations, such as those of the Trendelenburg or anti-Trendelenburg positions, used in case of shock or for particular investigations and visits.

The entire equipment is an integral part of the furnishings regarding the hospital rooms donated to Asl Cn2 by the Alba-Bra Onlus New Hospital Foundation, with the “Adopt a room” project.

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