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Oliviero Toscani at the E. di Mirafiore Foundation

The next appointment at the E. di Mirafiore Foundation is with OLIVIERO TOSCANI, who on Friday 21st February at 7 pm will hold a meeting entitled: “Imagine”.

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Toscani is perhaps the photographer of our times who has most influenced the imagination and used photography to convey social messages, especially of integration. He has recently been at the centre of controversy, but it will be interesting to hear his version too.

At the end of the meeting, for those who wish, it will be possible to have dinner at the Osteria Disguido with a la carte menu, upon reservation, by writing to or by calling 0173 626442.

Finally, we remind you of the last appointment with the Family Shows show: in the aftermath of Telmo Pievani’s lectio on human imperfection, we thought of planning a small meeting / show / laboratory (it will be a bit of all this, trust me! ) intended essentially for children (approximately 10 years of age) and conducted by Telmo Pievani and Andrea Vico, both authors of the book “Plants on the road”.

Through a game-conference, we will retrace the history of the travels of plants, of the men who accompanied them and of the populations who welcomed them: videos and quizzes to find out how the wisdom of popular traditions is based on the ability to use smartphones .

A fun way to make children aware of the natural environment around us, biodiversity, the importance of sustainability and respect.

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