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The new Anén Anén hiking route is presented in Melle and Cartignano

The new Anén Anén excursion route was presented on Friday 31st January in Melle and on Friday 7th February in Cartignano, a ring of ten stages that connects numerous locations in the medium valleys Maira and Varaita.

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The project, the result of the concrete involvement of many public and private actors of the two valleys, responds to the increasingly current need to travel paths even at lower altitudes than those of the high valleys, traditional destinations of choice for walker tourism.

Anén Anén, which touches the municipalities of Macra, Cartignano, Celle di Macra, Dronero, Macra and San Damiano Macra in the Maira valley, Brossasco and Melle in the Varaita valley, started from a previous job carried out a few years ago by some proloco of the middle Maira valley who decided to connect the ancient paths of their territories in a ring, setting up a first common outdoor space. The intent was to combine the strong appeal already generated in the area by the Occitan Routes with another structured itinerary, capable of offering an alternative and an additional option to the hiking public.

To date, in fact, if there are numerous paths that follow the paths of the individual valleys in a structured and coordinated form, an itinerary organized to involve two valleys in this way was still missing.

It is therefore a new experience, which runs through the paths of the middle lands with a purpose and an intent close to that of the GTA: to unite territories, to create a common itinerary between places and people but at lower altitudes than those of the historic route Piedmontese interval.

The initiative aroused the interest of nearby Melle, where there is a very active proloco that a decade ago, at a time when the country seemed to have lost vitality in its social fabric, began to try to recover the local paths through voluntary work.

The territorial proximity and the numerous points of passage between one valley and the other have prompted these subjects to start a common discourse, for the preparation of an interval itinerary.

Anén Anén also wants to become a laboratory of new activities and new ways of hiking, promoting the meeting, the collaboration between structures, the development of a short chain capable of mutually supporting its members with the aim of creating a genuine tourist product .

The GPS tracks of the itinerary are nearing completion and will soon be made available.

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