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A special night in Prato Nevoso

It will be a really special night on Sunday 23rd February, on the snows of Prato Nevoso. An evening on skis with a goal of solidarity.

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The ski resorts of the Conca will be open for three hours, from 8 pm to 11 pm, to raise funds for the “Cascina Aquilone” to build a home for children with serious disabilities.

The Cascina Aquilone association started five years ago by a group of families and sector operators. Starting from a motto: dignity in disability. Now the goal of families and operators is to shape a structure – a real home, they say – where adolescents and adults with psychophysical and behavioural difficulties can find a place for therapeutic, recreational and work activities in their impossibility of approaching to the world of work and to be self-employed. Because that’s what’s missing.

The “family of the farmhouse” welcomes them and supports them with educators, psychologists and volunteers who help them on a path of growth. Some are accompanied to sensitive companies that employ them. But there is also space for leisure activities: such as travel and camping.

Now the promoters of Cascina Aquilone have identified a building in Castagnole delle Lanze, where the Langhe hills become Monferrato, which must be renovated and adapted to offer the children of the community a safe place to be “grown up” away from their parents.

For this we need funds. This is why an initiative such as the special night at Prato Nevoso – where you can already ski at night on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays – is what you need: to collect contributions to shape the kite farm. It will be a very special night.

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