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Antonella Ruggiero in concert

A great event arriving on Saturday 16th May 2020 in the Cathedral in Fossano: Antonella Ruggiero accompanied by the organ by M. Fausto Caporali, will propose the songs contained in the album “Cathedrals”, made in 2015.

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Info: Ufficio Turistico di Fossano (IAT)
Tel. +39 0172 60 160 – Numero Verde 800 210 762


The event takes advantage of the professional collaboration of the Fossano Musica Foundation, and will be free of charge.

The love of Antonella Ruggiero, former singer of the “Matia bazar” for the sound of the organ, was born from her childhood, when as a child she habitually listened to the instrument placed in the S. Maria di Castello church in Genoa, and since then it has always remained fascinating, familiar and evocative for her.

Antonella Ruggiero will be accompanied to the organ by Maestro Fausto Caporali, owner of the organ of the Cremona Cathedral and the Chair of complementary organ and Gregorian chant at the Turin Conservatory, among the best organists and composers on the Italian and international scene.

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