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Barbera red night

For lovers of culinary traditions, “Notte Rossa Barbera” returns on Saturday 7th March, the event to experience, in a pop and modern key, the authentic Piedmontese piola and the tradition of the sinoira snack, the classic and popular moment of sharing at the table made in Piedmont of peasant tradition and then extended to the city, forerunner of today’s “apericena”.

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Also this year Alba and Bra will take part in the event with some of the best pegs of the two cities (6 in Alba and 3 in Bra).

On the evening of March 7th, the pegs participating in the event (39 in total in Piedmont including Turin, Asti and Nizza Monferrato) will offer a special “MenĂ¹ Buscaglione” – in honour of the historical singer-songwriter Fred Buscaglione to whom the whole festival is dedicated – created ad hoc for the evening, with the most significant dishes and wines of Savoy gastronomy. To fully recreate the atmosphere of conviviality and sharing characteristic of the “Piedmontese trattoria”, everything will be accompanied by live music and entertainment: each piola will host concerts of young emerging artists arriving from all over the Peninsula.

Between a veal with tuna sauce and a quartino of good Barbera (thanks to 7 Piedmontese producers), a plate of agnolotti al plin and one of anchovies in bagnet verd, Notte Rossa Barbera wants to be a “popular festival” to rediscover places, flavours and traditions of Piedmont more authentic to an audience of all ages, starting with the youngest, and at the same time offering an important opportunity to emerging singers and musicians.

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