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Saluzzo: 4 appointments to live a unique experience

From April to August, the ancient capital of the Marquisate straddling Italy and France, is the tourist destination par excellence for those who love culture.

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An unusual destination for spring? A particular place outside the crowded most popular itineraries for the summer? An Italian destination capable of marrying international tradition and refinement? A location where quality (including food and wine) is considered an excellence to be protected? Welcome to Saluzzo, the city at the foot of Monviso, an open door to the Occitan lands that lead from Italy to Spain, one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Italy.

A place ready to be discovered and visited, also thanks to its events.

Here is the 2020 schedule:

Saluzzo is ART: from 24th April to 31st May Start / history and art Saluzzo is back

The town becomes the Capital of Art of all times: Contemporary Art, Craftsmanship and Antiques are mixed, giving life to a month of unmissable national and international exhibitions, Hackathon and ingenuity challenges with design and innovation, educational workshops and visits guided tours that find space in the most beautiful places in the city. Saluzzo becomes an authentic open-air museum, a reference destination for all lovers of history, art, restoration and architecture.

Saluzzo is TASTE: from 18thto 21st June “C’e Fermento”

Craft beers from Italian producers and beyond, gastronomic excellence, events and conviviality: these are the ingredients of “C’è Fermento”, the reference event for lovers of the most important brewing tradition in northern Italy, which this year blows out eleven candles.

Small producers of large beers meet in Saluzzo to create an event in which the tasting is accompanied by important training moments and that last year saw 20,000 people raise their glasses for a toast under the stars in the courtyard of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation .

Saluzzo is MUSIC: from 16th to 19th July there is the MOF – Marchesato Opera Festival

High quality music, international level artists and fascinating historical and artistic places: it is the Marquisate Opera Festival, an event that wants to offer the public an authentic and exciting experience linked to ancient music. The MOF will make the notes resonate in spaces of extraordinary beauty, inside and outside Saluzzo: it leaves the city limits to embrace the surroundings, Lagnasco, Manta, Castellar and even Embrun. MOF 2020, at edition number nine, is music and theater, a contamination of artistic forms that wink at the modern.

Saluzzo is TERRE DEL MONVISO, between nature, music and popular traditions: from 11th July to 15th August there is OCCIT’AMO

The Festival of the Terre del Monviso and the Occitan Valleys has always been a great party to discover music, Occitan culture and popular traditions. A multisensory event in which the watchwords are looking, hearing and tasting.

The Stura, Maira, Po-Bronda and Infernotto Valleys, the Saluzzese Plain, the Varaita and Grana Valleys are transformed into a natural stage welcoming musical groups from all over Italy and beyond, including unspoiled nature, alpine landscapes, castles, historic houses and medieval churches.

6 weekends where music, dance, shows, culture and food and wine mix, giving life to a Festival not to be missed, a real experience to live.

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