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Anima Festival doubles: not only Cervere

From 16th to 19th July concerts and great music also in Fossano.

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The guests of the event created by the brothers Ivan and Natascha Chiarlo in 2015 have not yet been announced.

Anima Festival continues to grow. And music will be more and more protagonist, not only in Cervere, in the magical scenery of the Soul Amphitheatre but, for the first time, the show doubles and arrives in Fossano, in an equally spectacular setting: Piazza Castello.

Appointment from 16th to 19th July with important guests whose names are still top secret: the only certainty is that it will be a musical event with a decidedly current and youthful flavour.

At the moment nothing transpires regarding the names of the artists, which will be revealed shortly. The Festival of the Soul, therefore, splits in two, maintaining the location of the Amphitheatre, with many events being organized, and reaching nearby Fossano.

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