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NEXT is the theme “Scrttoriincittà” 2020 edition

“NEXT” will be the theme of writer 2020 city, which will take place from 1th to 16th November.

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Neighbour does not mean close, but very close. It is a superlative. Neighbour means so close that you can’t avoid it. The next is the inevitable, what comes, what you find yourself on, even when you don’t think it, even when you don’t want it.

It is a closeness to space. But it is also a closeness in time: the next minute, next month, next year. It is something that is about to happen, inevitably: summer is coming, the patient’s next recovery is near. We all want to be close to happiness: indeed, happiness often lies already in that desire that makes you feel very close, on the verge of being happy.

Next is not closure but a symbol of openness.

Neighbour is a person, and not just a close relative. It’s who you meet. It’s who’s in your way. It is that slice of the world that enters your life. In this, not in the next. He is your neighbour. That does not go down to the next stop but stays beside you. And neither do you come down.

“Except for a really irrelevant percentage, the whole universe is made by others,” said Woody Allen.

The festival’s protagonists are the next writers in literature, the authors and the authors tell about this proximity of relationships, they investigate the relationship, the feeling, the intimacy when it is revealed to another person. The future dreamed, thought, created, studied.

We will tell about the responsibility of those who make solidarity, the civil responsibility of building a planet for your next one, and also for the next generation. Politics, economics, agriculture, scientific research … with a view to realizable proximity and in many cases already achieved. A global “neighbourhood”.

With children and young people we will try to understand what it means to be unbalanced on others, on different individuals or worlds. What will be next? The next presupposes a step forward, a shift, an eye turned to the near future. The next stories, the next surprises. The next responsibilities. Who will be there next year? What will be the next book?

There is a whole future to be built together, you and your neighbour. A near future, on the verge of happening, a future that needs a distant look but close, very close choices that immediately change the present. In short: next one!

The year of Scrittoriincittà began with the presentation of Luciano Violante’s book, First hit, which was held on 8th February at the Monviso cinema and sold out.

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