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Willie Peyote at Collisioni 2020

After the announcement of Coez and Frah Quintale (protagonists of Sunday), here is the first artist who will enter the main stage of the Barolo agrirock festival on Saturday 18th July 2020.

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Willie Peyote will in fact be the protagonist of the Saturday night of Collisioni in double bill with another artist yet to be announced.

Willie Peyote is a stage name that combines Wile E. Coyote with peyote, a hallucinogenic plant from North America. He is considered one of the most interesting and innovative figures of the contemporary Italian Indie scene. Author of unforgettable songs such as “Non sono razzista ma…” and  “Metti che domani”,  he is back from the sold out of his last winter tour. His latest project, “Sindrome di Tôret”, released in 2018, immediately entered the Top 10 of the FIMI chart of the best-selling albums.

With 4 albums to his credit, Willie Peyote over the years has gained more and more acclaim from the public but also from critics, who praises his ability to blend the energy and technical mastery of rap music with lyrics that look to the song of author for how they deal with social and current issues, all with a cutting and fun irony.


Tickets for the Collisioni concert will be available on from Wednesday 19th February at 4 pm and in all Ticketone stores from Wednesday 26th February at 11 am.

The ticket to attend the Willie Peyote concert in double bill with an artist still to be announced in Collisioni will cost 26 euros plus presale rights of the managers.

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