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Six events about eco-tourism in the lands of Monviso

As part of the activities envisaged by the PITER Terres Monviso, with the coordination of the Municipality of Saluzzo, the Italian leader of the project, the Monviso Park and the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce organize six meetings in March with the aim of presenting local businesses the opportunities offered by the single project n.4083 – green economies and the collaborations activated with the T (o)ur project for tourism aspects.

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The appointments, which will take place in different locations in the valleys involved in the Terres Monviso project, will be a moment of reflection on opportunities, contents and accompanying paths deriving from the project, with particular attention and towards the green conversion of businesses, new tourist trends on eco-tourism and sustainable tourism.

The purpose of the meetings is to sensitize local businesses to develop a series of good “green” habits, to collaborate with each other on a path to improving the quality of life in the Terres Monviso area, to propose a network model capable of to improve the welcome towards the tourist public, more and more attentive and inclined to spend their free time in structures with a marked ecological attitude. This trend is a very concrete element on which the whole tourism sector is thinking, and in particular this happens in the Monviso valleys which naturally appeal to slow and hiking tourism.

For this reason, Terres Monviso works in the direction of the creation of tourist products and packages capable of promoting and enhancing the territorial biodiversity and the integrity of local traditions, building a valuable image of the Saluzzese valleys as a tourist destination that safeguards communities premises and the environment. At the same time, the single project Economie Verdi aims at structuring work networks and sharing of good practices with local businesses, both tourism and non-tourism, and at creating accompanying paths for the green conversion of activities.

During the events, lasting two hours each, the topic of Green Marketing will also be addressed, to understand how you can tell your company and good ecological practices in light of the environmental impact in the local tourism supply chains.

In conclusion, we will take account of a parallel activity that is underway, that is, the transformation of some important local events into eco-events, in which the production of non-recyclable waste and the environmental impact in general are reduced or completely eliminated.

Participation in the meetings is free. Further information can be requested from the organizational secretariat, by email at or by telephone at 0172.241211.


Wednesday 4th March 10-12

Brossasco, Varaita valley: Trail sign Porta di Valle Varaita, via Provinciale

Thursday 5th March 10-12

Paesana, Po valley: Unione Montana Municipalities of Monviso, via Santa Croce 4

Tuesday 10th March 10-12

Caraglio, Grana valley: Filatoio Rosso, ia Matteotti, 40

Wednesday 11th March 10-12

Dronero, Maira valley: “Milli Chegai” multipurpose hall, via IV Novembre 3

Thursday 12th March 10-12

Demonte, Stura valley: Town Hall (First Floor Hall), via Martiri e Caduti 13

Friday 13th March 10-12

Saluzzo, Monviso Park, via Griselda 8

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