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Winter in the Park with your eyes upwards

The Messier Marathon is the attempt to observe all the objects in the catalogue drawn up by the 18th century French astronomer in a defined time.

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In this marathon it will not be the winner who runs faster but who with the help of the Bisalta Amateur Astronomers, in collaboration with the Gesso and Stura river park in Cuneo, will be able to observe the greatest number of celestial objects. The path, which will take place on March 14th from 8.30 pm, is outlined by the Constellations, Galaxies, Nebulae and Star Clusters. A fun proposal suitable for everyone where the difficulties to be overcome are always lurking: the clouds, humidity, light pollution and path problems.

Prize up for grabs: the satisfaction of having spent an unforgettable evening under the stars, of being able to capture the wonders of our sky.

Reservations required at eventi.parcofluviale (at) or 0171.444501 / free (limited places).

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