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The ATL of the Cuneo area collaborates with Allibert Trekking

The ATL of the Cuneo area has signed a collaboration with the main French tourism operator specializing in the marketing of sustainable and responsible outdoor products.

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The initiative, in particular, involves the organization of two educational tours in the Cuneo mountains aimed at strengthening the winter promotion for the “Valle Maira” destination and for the inclusion of a tour in the “Monviso Valleys“. The operator Allibert Trekking promotes slow, environmentally friendly holidays to its customers. Travel agents visiting Valle Maira and Valle Po, from 1st to 6th March, will therefore experience activities such as snowshoeing and ski mountaineering, in full respect of the pristine environments that will host them first and then French tourists.

Both the Cuneese ATL and Allibert Trekking will be present in Paris from 12th to 15th March at the Destinations Nature exhibition and subsequently in Lyon, from 20th to 22nd March as part of the Salon du Randonneur, to strengthen the image of the Cuneo valleys as eco-sustainable tourist destination.

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