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Coincidenze Teatro recalls the fifth and penultimate day of the Monforteatro festival, with “Happy Birthday” by Adolfo Marsillach, one of the greatest contemporary Spanish authors, who wonders what goes on in the head of a woman on the day of her fiftieth birthday.

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On these thoughts, the director Corrado Vallerotti directed the cast of the Compagnia Primoatto: Anna Chiara Busso, Luca Bertero, Donatella Boglione, Federico Raviolo, Elena Richard.

A woman takes stock of her life’s 50th birthday situation by probing the feelings and relationships that characterized her growth.

Monforteatro is the theatrical review that from 2014 animates the beautiful municipal theatre of Monforte, every 15 days, from January to March was born thanks to a lucky intuition of the Albese theater company that has a long friendship with the municipality of Langa: for the second year the theatrical review proposes the formula affectionately defined “The-atro”, with tea and biscuits offered to the spectators at the entrance and in the interval of the shows, which begin at 5 on Sunday afternoon; admission is free and the public is invited to arrive a little earlier to find a place and enjoy a cup of tea.

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