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“A riveder le stelle” by Emanuele Caruso at the cinema

After many and careful evaluations, Obiettivo Cinema, the film production company of the film “La terra buona” based in Alba, has decided that it will be released in theaters with the new documentary film by Emanuele Caruso “A riveder le stelle” (Italy, 2020 , 73 ‘).

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As scheduled, the film will therefore be in theatres from 5th to 11th March 2020.

Obiettivo Cinema is among the very few companies in Italy not to postpone the release, also because the film deals with exactly the dynamics that we are experiencing in this historical moment.

“It was not at all easy to make this decision – says director and producer Emanuele Caruso – but it seemed like a strong signal to give. A way to do our part, too. And then, as it should be, the word will be up to the public … “.

The protagonists of the film are the actor and mountaineer Giuseppe Cederna, the actress Maya Sansa and Doctor Franco Berrino who actively participated in the “expedition”, making a contribution that remains unique for the film.

The Previews will then undergo a 7 day delay, becoming Presentations with part of the Cast in the room.

Here are the new dates scheduled to date:

• Domodossola (Cinema Corso, 6th March 2020, 8.30 pm),

• Alba (Cine4, 8th March 2020, 20.00),

• The date of Cuneo (Cinema Fiamma, 7th March 2020, 8.30 pm) remains to be confirmed.

For all cities (including Cuneo) and cinemas programme, you can always refer to the STELLEFILM.IT website, which is and will be continuously updated.

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