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“M’illumino di Meno … at Casa Cavassa”

The museums of Saluzzo, with CoopCulture, also join this year M’Illumino di Meno, the popular initiative of the Caterpillar radio program of Rai-Radio2 which involves many public and private realities – from institutions to individual citizens – in designing and purchasing actions for energy saving and environmental sustainability.

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La prenotazione è obbligatoria, contattando l’Ufficio Turistico IAT, in piazza Risorgimento, 1, Saluzzo, al numero verde: 800392789 o con email a


The 2020 edition, Friday 6th March, is dedicated to expanding the trees, plants and greenery around us.

CoopCulture in Saluzzo invites a low-light guided tour of the Casa Cavassa Civic Museum.

The path, by candlelight, will take place in the main rooms on the ground floor of the civic museum; with the help of couples, the details are discovered in the frescoes and works of the collection of the Marquis Emanuele Tapparelli d’Azeglio.

At Casa Cavassa the trees are genealogical, they do not improve nature but historical and artistic knowledge: in room VI we observe the genealogical observation of the Marquis of Saluzzo, made between 1500 and 1600, and that of the Tapparelli d’Azeglio family, dated to 1872.

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