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The exhibition “Bra, Roero, Langa” in Pollenzo

On 6th March the exhibition “Bra, Roero, Langa” opens in Pollenzo with videos, readings, songs and aperitifs.

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Friday 6th March from 7pm at the Pollenzo municipal meeting centre, organized by the Pro Loco La Torre, the Fraction Committee and the Friends of San Bovo, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Bra, the inauguration of the exhibition “Bra, Roero, Langa “with photographs by Roberto Tibaldi.

The mayor Gianni Fogliato, Paolo Corvo and Roberta Cevasco, teachers of the University of Gastronomic Sciences will speak.

During the evening there will be the screening of the video “Marcord” with Anziani Pollentini, readings and songs will follow with Davide and Giuliano Rigo “But My love is Paco” by Beppe Fenoglio and the aperitif buffet at 10 euros.

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