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Saluzzo: “Women portraits from Middle Ages”

The guided tour for International Women’s Day, in the museums of Saluzzo, sketches female portraits of the past with the words of today’s Occitan poets.

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Info: 800392789, – Ufficio Turistico IAT, piazza Risorgimento, 1 12037 Saluzzo


Women in the Middle Ages, disadvantaged from birth, often lived in subjection and in total dependence on the family of origin and then on the family of the relative. They were considered physically and morally weak, and therefore to be protected from the outside world and from themselves. There have been women who nevertheless left an imprint on the history of medieval Saluzzo.

The guided tour “Ritratti di donne della Saluzzo medioevale” will tell the story of some of them, with the help of the verses of Occitan poets of our times who, franked and fairs, have been able to bring out their female voice.

The route includes the Museo della Civiltà Cavalleresca and the Casa Cavassa Civic Museum.

At the end of the visit, the participants will receive a gift of an original handmade fabric by the women of the Penelope Social Promotion Association of Saluzzo.

The visit will start on Sunday 8th March at 11.30 from the Castile ticket office and will last approximately 90 minutes.

The cost is 5 euros per person, free for girls and boys under 12 accompanied.

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